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Dr J or Scottie Pippen, who was better in their prime?

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Dr J or Scottie Pippen, who was better in their prime?

I think Dr J by far: He holds the record for the highest ABA scoring average (28.7) He was a 2 time ABA MVP & a 1 time NBA MVP He was all-nba 1st team 3 times He was all-nba 2nd team 2 times He was a 11 time all-star 2 time NBA All-Star MVP He's 1 of the 5 pro players to score over 30,000 points In college he average 26.3ppg & 20.2 rpg over to varsity seasons His career stats are: 22.0 ppg, 3.9 apg, 6.7 rpg, 50.7FG% He has 3 scoring titles with the ABA In the LEADING role he's won 2 ABA Championships & 1 NBA Championship. Dr. J could dribble, play pretty good defense, & score from any angle/at will. A 1 time slam dunk champion For you guys who don't know, the ABA was a pro league as well back then. It was comparable to the NBA. Something like WWF to WCW. Anyways, I think the Doc was better then Pippen by far. The Doc was so good that they use to call Michael Jordan the Next Dr J.

I would say Doc was better in his prime, but its much closer than you think.

Although they were both forwards, Doc played more of a standard wing position, had a decent mid-range jumper, and was an excellent penetrator.

Pippen played more of a "point forward" position, because Chicago had no "true" point guard (Jordan, Paxson, and Harper were all 2 guards).

Doc played on some excellent teams in Philly, and it goes to show how tough the league was then, that he was only able to win one title. That team in the 90's and today would win title after title.

We'll never know how good Pippen really was, because he played alongside the biggest ball-hog in history. He did lead the Bulls in points, rebounds, assists, steals, and blocks in one of the seasons without Jordan, becoming the second player in history to do so.

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