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plumbing question

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I'm interested in a career in plumbing but unsure how to go about becoming a plumber. If I go to the local tech school and get a plumbing degree am I likely to find work as an apprentice? Ive been told that attending a trade school is my best approach because my background is in computers, not anything construction related. Any advice would be greatly appreciated

I made the switch from computers to plumbing and did not attend any trade school. I started as an apprentice and did all sorts of different things. I learned much more much faster than people who went to trade schools. It was the same in computers. People would come out of computer trade schools and they didn't know shiet.

My advice to you is to find some old fart who will take you on. The old guys still know how to take pride and do a good job. They have the wisdom to know great short cuts and they will be able to teach you about everything. There are so many things a school can't teach and so many projects you will only see in the real world. If you can find a med size place or large place that takes on some big $$ jobs that is neat too becfause you get to see some more high tech stuff.

also you are going to need to know something about heating and gas if you want to really be well rounded.

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