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Pharmacy tech?

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Pharmacy tech?

im planning to go to a pharmacy tech much does a pharmacy assistant make with no prior experience but is certified in nj or ny?

i can only answer for what i know in my area. i live in Austin,TX and i only know of 3 techs who went to "tech" school. the rest of us just learned on the job. around here it is not required to attend tech school. some techs have actually just taken the test and never set foot in a pharmacy before getting their jobs. if your state doesn't require you to have the schooling in order to get a job then i would seriously consider looking for a position that is willing to train on the job. the major grocery chain i used to work for will let a person be a tech-in-training for 1 year before requiring them to take the state board exam. if they don't take it by the years end then they can no longer work as a tech and must be a cashier or not work in the pharmacy dept. one of my best friends once taught the pharmacy tech class at a technical school and even she says it is a waste of money. i hope you can avoid spending the money on a class if its not really needed. i know you would want all the best training available but nothing beats on the job training. around here you can even get a tech job at a hospital pharmacy without proper tech school training. i would guess starting salary $9/hr. i know some techs w/10yrs plus experience making $16-17/hr

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