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OK guys, I need to pick the best overall trade..HVAC, Nursing Assistant, Network Cabling..........?

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I am about to enroll in Job Corps next week and I need to pick one of these trades to learn. Job Corps is a free school for low income individuals(like myself). Other trades taught are; Human Services, Culinary Arts, Security, Corrections, Medical Assistant, Cement Mason, Machinist, Welding, Material Handler, Auto Tech, Auto Body repair, Lithograph Printing, Business office Tech, Computer Service Tech(I am skilled with computers), Painting, Electrician, Facilities Maintenance, Carpentry, Brick Mason, Plasterer. The above trades are what I believe to be the better picks, but input from a world of Yahooers would be helpful,

I think you need to ask yourself if you want to work indoors or outdoors. Some of them will definately put you outdoors most of the time. Depending on where you'll be living, that can be really uncomfortable. If you'd rather be indoors, then the nursing assitant would be a good choice. There are a lot of jobs in the nursing industry and good money to be made.

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