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Northeast State Technical Community College

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Self-promotion is as old as show business, and I can't imagine it existing without it. I posted once before about how my dad used to carry an empty THE FANTASTICKS album cover under his arm when he rode the subway just so people would see it. He still wears a hat with a THE FANTASTICKS lapel pin stuck on it. As far as I can see, promoting your own work is an intergal part of the performance, and it has been for centuries.

Speaking of self-promotion...

...My wife Joyce graduated from Northeast State Technical Community College last night and the local newspaper has published an article about her. You can find it online (with photo) at:

Thanks for the self-promotion. Your wife sounds like a great lady and one of courage. A bright start to the day to read the article. As to your dad and the idea of carrying around the album jacket, what a great idea!

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