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North Metro Technical College

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Just spotted these Jimmy Foster Guitar building Vids on Youtube, and I wonder who's playing sounds great, and the guitar soundsgreat too.

AnyBody got 0ne?

I studied with Paul Guma way before your time (mid 60s) and exited music as a professional pursuit in the 70's to get my MBA from Loyola. I have notlooked back since. The MBA meant a lot more to me career-wise as I could not be doing what I am do now without it. I currently teach management at North Metro Technical College in Acworth Georgia. But I still play and love learning more about the guitar. I am deeply into MIDI guitar.

Hank was studying with Guma at the same time I was. Of course, he was 40 times more talented and obviously is doing well. I would love to know more about him.

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