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North Avenue Trade School

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like they have real schools in deep hicksville. I always thought Business School is for those too dumb to go into science and too illiterate to go into arts. What the hell is a 'Trade School' anyway?

an idiot I see...I'll be glad to inform you, as another treat to your voracious appatite, to fill the hungerfornew bits ofinformation(afterall, we are the members of the IT society arent we?).

well sir, my filth-a-delphia "hill" Phillies fan, read the following:

The North Ave. Trade School = George Petit Burdell & Associates

Perhaps you know us by our official name, the Georgia Institute of Technology, or perhaps by our common name, Georgia Tech, or perhaps by our highly personafied name, TECH(...caution, beware of cheap immitation).

Or perhaps you are a college sports fan, in which case you perhaps might know us for our team, the Yellow Jackets. Or perhaps you already have a friend that goes to Tech(highly unlikely though), in which case, you might know that your friend would identify himself as a Ramblin Wreck(or wreck with a R...doesnt matter which one).

Howveer, I wont be surprised if you havent heard of us at all. what can I say...your ignorance shows...:-) so you see, by your remark, I think that you are hardly a sports fan at all. You might would like to identify yourself as one, but you know, your ignorance really shows. so I humbly suggest that you dont do this anymore. Sports is more than american football & baseball & basketball...:-) baseball & basketball...:-), Much to your chagrin, I know, I'm deeply sympathetic to you...I know, being a student at a place with virtually zero recognition can be really painful...I'm sympathetic indeed.

Also, mr mansor, or is it suhaimi mansor, or is it suhaimi(whatever), please figure out yourself just what exactly Tech is all about. I'll just give you a hint: we are known as,"the engineering factory of the USA". Go figure. know what, tech dosent have theological studies & such. like perhaps Villanova has. Some even say that we dont have a statistic dept.(technically true, our statistic dept is incorporated in our top-ranked School of Industrial & Systems Engineering). But we dont care, as we say it here, "we are not snobs, we are just better than you"...dont you agree?, are you still fuzzy abt what the hell is "the north ave. trade school"? Still in virtigo over the mere misuse of the word "trade"? I certainly hope I've clerified some. is tough aint it...really tough.

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