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I went to Simon's Rock College for a semester and a half, and took clases at New Hampshire Community Technical College, Rivier College, New Hampshire Technical Institute, and am now matriculated to FINALLY finish my bachelor's at the University of New Hampshire. My husband started his BA at Franklin Pierce College and will probably finish up at the University of New Hampshire as well.

were you a Nittany Lion too? The maid came in weekly to clean the room (but not make the beds). We got ONE clean sheet each week (were supposed to rotate them top to bootom). We got around the coffeemaker by being sure the coffee was ready when she arrived My younger son is finishing his last semester (off campus). He's rooming with 5 other guys (planned). I rememnber similar overcrowding in the 60's (12 girls in the rec room, 6 in the study room on each floor). By the 2nd week of classes, everyone was in her own room (a double). That's how fast the freshmen were dropping!

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