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Suggestions/wishes for HoMM3 patch, expansion or HoMM4:

Some of these suggestions obviously can't be added in a patch but maybe they can be implemented in an expansion pack or Homm4.

Suggestions 1-27 previously posted, but some are newly edited for clarity.

Suggestions 28-49 are new.

1. In the town screens it would be really nice if each creature dwelling actually had one or a few of the creatures that it produces out in front of the structure. Like dwarves working on the forge or champions jousting. It would just make learning and picking out the correct buildings much easier.

2. Need a way to switch between the upper and under world while viewing the View World map. The 'U' hotkey does not work in this view either.

3. Would be cool if you could click on the items on the legend for the View World map and 'highlight' those items so that they glow or flash on the map.

4. Need a way to trade items between visiting and garrisoned heroes. If you have 8 adventuring heroes out and you have all your castles garrisoned this makes trading difficult or wasteful since you must dismiss someone to trade. Make it a hotkey.

5. Elementals: Air and Fire elementals should be Flyers. Fire elementals should have fire shield like the Efreet Sultans do. All elementals should be immune to the damaging/offensive spells of their own school and take double damage from opposite school spells. The way it is now it seems that the air and earth are reverse of fire and water. Also, they should be immune to the beneficial/defensive spells of their opposite school.

When your hero levels up or is choosing between gold/exp with a treasure chest, it would be nice to be able to click (or right click) on the hero picture and see that hero's stats screen (so you can find out how close you are to a level or how many empty skill slots you have).

Also, many, many of the spells and skills need to be improved because they are all but useless. (Like the Protection from ... spells, how about making them Basic: Creature takes 50% damage from the school Advanced: Creature takes no damage from spells from the school Expert: All allied creatures take no damage from spells from the school). This way, it's like a toned down anti-magic, but is useful enough to actually cast.

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