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Neon Trade School

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I'd like to make these out of an auto coil, some sort of flasher relay to make the coil work, battery powered so I can put these in the grain truck, & other outbuildings where the mice move in over the winter and sometimes damage wires ect. Made totally out of junk yard parts if possible... If you want a sure kill, instead of a pissed-off mouse, use the same arrangement of flasher/transformer, but use a small neon sign transformer.

I used the vibrator out of an old tube car radio to "activate" a 12 volt coil(sans resistor) to electrify the leading edge of my car hood when I was in trade school. Got wind that some guys were planning on "fixing" my car during class, so I rigged an "alarm" with a jam switch to sense hood opening, which energized a locking relay to activate a hidden horn and the "juicer" which was connected to a strip of foil tape, laid on a strip of mylar tape across the bottom of the leeding edge of the hood. Lift the hood half an inch or so, and the horn blows, and the guys hair stands on end. Slam the hood, and the horn keeps going. Lift the hood to pull the wire off the horn, and it gets you again. If you manage to get the hood open, you can't find the wires OR the horn.

I found out how well it worked when I went to check the oil with it armed one day a few months later!!

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