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What is a good career for me? I'm on a mission for the past 3 years to find a carreer, not just a job..?

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A little background, I graduated in April of 2003 and have a bachelors in Business Management. My first job out of college was working for Walgreens as an assistant manager, making roughly $33,000 a year. I worked there for a year, but hated the job, because of the hours and us managers will bascially stock people. My second job was working for Amerian General Finance, as a loan officer. I worked there for a year for $31,000 a year. I liked the job, but had issues with their business ethics. My current job is working for a real estate investment company as an officer manager and client relations. I have been here a year and I'm going to make about $55,000 a year, but I'm paid through a 1099-Misc, even though my boss should be paying me as an employee. I have a salary base and a small commission. I have no benefits, no 401k, and the WORST part of it is all the taxes, I have to pay.

WHAT SHOULD I DO NOW? I'm looking for a good paying job with good benefits..any ideas?

Find a career counselor or take a class about finding your right career (most places have such things unless you are in a really small town). Option B, the DIY option, is: "What color is my parachute" or see the books by Barbara Sher.

Figure out what you would like to do and then make a move (you probably know that, but just to be clear) since you have been jumping around and that won't look good on your resume. For public companies you should be able to find out if there are ethical issues so you can avoid that pitfall in the future. But also realize you do have to start at the bottom so being a glorified stocker in retail was probably appropriate - but not fun- I've been there (and I left, too!).

Your boss also may be in hot water paying you as 1099-Misc since you are acting as an employee of just his firm. So I would also consider talking to someone about that since you might be able to get that changed if he is on shaky legal ground with that salary scheme (and he may be).

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