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Minneapolis Technical College

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Anyone know of any good UNIX courses being offered in the northwest metro or downtown Minneapolis area? I am looking for night classes, about 2-3 nights a week. I believe the local network of county community colleges have such courses.

Shop wisely. There are several community or technical colleges that offer basic UNIX courses, but they aren't all that educational, IMO.

I've taken UNIX courses at both the Minneapolis Technical College and Hennepin Technical College, and was fairly disappointed with both. However, the instruction at Hennepin Technical College was fairly adequate (i.e. the instructor knew his way around a kernel), while the instruction at Minneapolis Technical College was horrible and overly simplified. I quit the class and got a partial refund on it after realizing that several of the students knew more than the instructor about UNIX.

Since I already had a background of having worked with Solaris (albeit on a fairly limited basis) in the past, and having set up a few personal Linux flavors in my spare time over the years, I found that most of these UNIX teachers, and courses, are really only offering very basic information and instruction in these quick basic night courses.

You might be better off downloading a flavor of Linux (yes, for the purists out there, it's NOT the same thing as UNIX, but close enough to learn some basics on, IMO), and a book or two on Unix and teach yourself. Set up an Apache Web server, play with user permissions, install a few apps, and rebuild the kernel a few times. That'll probably give you more real world hand's on experience than any UNIX 101 at the local tech schools.

If you're serious about learning it, then maybe something like the certificate program at the University (which actually gets into the useful, in-depth, training on shell programming, network administration, etc.) for UNIX might be a good option to consider. They even offer the evening/weekend courses you're looking for.

Think twice about the community/technical college route.

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