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For many years he was noticed in the world of professional boxing, as a ring announcer, promoter and attorney for many boxing greats, including Eddie Mustapha Muhammad, Light Heavyweight Champion of the World. Eisenberg had a radio boxing show, was the subject of several articles in Ring Magazine, was the ring announcer at the internationally televised (FNN and ABC) Johnny Du Ploy / Reynaldo Snipes Match, and separately interviewed both MUHAMMAD ALI and TOMMY ¬"THE HIT-MAN¬" HEARNS. He also has been a major promoter and supporter of Milwaukee¬'s local Al Moreland Boxing Club, and the Annual Golden Gloves events.

Because he had been a night-club singer, stand-up comic and actor during his college years, and also did a short stint with the Milwaukee Florentine Opera Company after he became a lawyer, Eisenberg knew his way around the entertainment industry. He soon had a major following of nationally known entertainers as clientele in his law office. He represented Jerry Lee Lewis, George Jones, Ruby Starr, the Booze Brothers, Dee Robb and the Robbs, and many, many others. For many years, he was an annual presenter at the ¬"WAMI¬" (Wisconsin Area Music Industry) awards.

Eisenberg has long been recognized as a prolific author in his own right. As an attorney, he authored several articles published in Trial Magazine, house organ of the American Trial Lawyers Association, the lead articles published in The American Journal of Trial Advocacy, as well as The Oklahoma City University Law School Law Review. In the mid-Eighties, he combined forces with Thomas P. Curtis, former Milwaukee Sentinel editorial page cartoonist and editorial cartoonist of Buckley¬'s National Review and developed a cartoon strip for National Syndication. The strip, ¬"GUSTAVE WIND,¬" ran locally in the Shepherd Express. Eisenberg has authored many columns in major metropolitan newspapers and is currently featured as a regular columnist Renaissance Magazine. He is currently also the co-founder with Atty. L. Mandy Stellman, of Monicas With Attitude and his writings are currently in print all over America.

Let me get this right. You're posting this guy's bio that comes from his web site that HE wrote about himself and you used three pages of bandwidth to do it? What's your problem? WHo gives a shit?

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