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Mid State Technical College

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I work at Mid-State Technical College. We are currently in the process of migrating all of our student home directories to another server. We are able to successfully maintain permissions and such, however, we need each student home directory folder to be shared as an administrative share where the share name is the same as the folder name (i.e. jdoe111 will have a share of jdoe111$)

If this were only a handful of directories, this wouldn't be an issue, however, we are talking about somewhere around 12000 directories whcih makes it inpossible to do by hand within any reasonable amount of time.

Does anyone out there know of a program or script that could do a batch creation of directory shares for a large number of directories. Again, the actual share would be nothing special, simply the name of the direcotry with the '$' appended to it.

Take a look into vbscripting, it shouldn't take you long to find or write one to do this, I've written them before at my old job (a technical institute) to do exactly what you are doing, unfortunately I don't have one handy. I'll see if I can find one at work tomorrow from my collection, and forward it to the same list, but in the mean time, check out this site: =vbscript they are an excellent resource for doing this kind of thing.

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