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How come Michael Jordan could never win..without James Worthy in college?

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Worthy led that team to the title, yet the history revisionists have tried to credit it to Jordan.

Well, since Jordan supposedly "led" Carolina to the title, how did he do for his remaining two seasons, without Worthy? Let's look. In 1981, the year before Jordan supposedly led Carolina to the title, Sam Perkins, Al Wood and James Worthy led the Tar Heels to the National Championship game, where they lost to Isiah Thomas and the Indiana Hoosiers. That means they played in two consecutive championship games. Surely Jordan would "will his team to victory" and carry on this streak of championship game appearances, right? Wrong.

In 1982, after winning the title, James Worthy left for the NBA. Jordan would go on to win The Sporting News' College Player of the Year during the next two seasons. His teams were very talented, as they boasted such players as Sam Perkins (#4 pick in the 1984 draft.right behind Jordan), Brad Daugherty (#1 in the 1986 draft) and Kenny Smith (#6 in the 1987 draft). The players were there and Jordan was there with his mythical "will to win". How many more championships did Carolina win during Jordan's career? None. How many final four appearances? None. Jordan choked, and when I say choke, I mean his teams failed to live up to their seed. Despite having a #1 and a #2 seed, Jordan's teams were defeated in the sweet 16 and the Elite Eight

It doesn't matter. MJ won 6 titles & 2 Gold Medals without Worthy.....and without Pippen MJ won 1 NCAA title & a gold medal..... MJ is a proven winner without his sidekick bumbs that he had.....MJ could win with anyone!

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