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Miami Jacobs Career College

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i've finally gotten my internet back... i am SO sorry that i havent been keeping up with the birthdays, i really do feel bad... i recently started going back to school. i am studying esthetics. (if you dont know what it is, ask...) and attend Miami Jacobs Career College in Springboro. I started in January, and my program is complete in September. Kai is getting VERY big... he now has 2 teeth (both bottom front) and is working on getting his top front two. he is crawling and is very fast about it too... david is working and playing world of warcraft and babysitting on some of the days i have class. my step mom and dad help take care of him, and if it hadnt been for my stepmoms recent medical problems i wouldnt be able to attend school. (not like im saying im glad she has the medical problems, because i is/am/was VERY concerned about her. but while she was on medical leave she offered to baby sit for me... and it has worked out wonderfully. if it wasnt for her, kai wouldnt be crawling on his knees... he can say na na, pa pa, ma ma, da da (sometimes daddy) ba ba and has said dog dog once...

Glad to see you're back. Sounds like you have a very full schedule, but once you have a child life just seems to be very busy... in a good way most of the time. I remember my kids when they started talking... seems the dog names were right up there in the first word area too.... mama, dada, and rie (for my dog Marie). The funniest one was Ragu and the Kikkies. Sounded like a musical group. She meant to say Rascal and the kitties when she went to Grandma's house. All I can say is write them down you won't believe how many you'll forget.

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