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Thats Why you will see a lot of people here recommend you take it to a qualified Service Center. If you dont know or feel confident in what you are doing, you could wind up spending more money and time on it than would have been done if it were given to a qualified Service Center.

If you dont mind being at the Mercy of those who have the Time to help you in every problem of the Repair Here - then I guess its ok. But theres only so much anyone can do given they are not present to see the Actual item.

The bottom line is I have not used this machine in a couple years & was planning to attempt selling it when I discovered it was no longer operational. Given that dirt cheap cd-r recording has pretty much pulled the rug out from under the utility of recording music on cassettes, the machine is almost certainly not worth paying to repair, regardless of its initial high quality. It may not sound much like it from these particular posts, but I actually have a fair amateur background in electronics, including training in a vocational high school program & technical college years ago. Emphasis on the phrase "years ago" (late '70's). I also have a fair bit of equipment, including 2 oscilloscopes. I have successfully repaired many, many items over the years & have built quite a few more from the schematic up. I don't do this because I'm cheap, nor to take bread out of the mouths of anyone doing such work for a living, but rather because I enjoy it. Consider me in the spirit of the "tinkerer" whose demise was lamented in the recent Electronics/Radio Shack/Future thread. I found that thread quite nostalgic, I did all that stuff, built Heathkits, etched my own pc boards, ripped apart TV's etc for parts which I then carefully sorted & stored away for future projects, subscribed to Pop Tronics, on & on. But I'm afraid I'm a bit rusty. If this were my 3 year old plasma TV (which I don't actually own, but just for purposes of illustration) of course I would pay to have it repaired. I'm not looking for any guarantees, just some suggestions. Failing that, I'll probably order a repair manual from the site Alan was kind enough to point out.

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