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Med Tech School

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Does anyone know of an online school with a med tech program? I have been trying to figure out if a medical assistant, and a med tech are the same. Anyone have any idea??

Medical Assistant and Medical Tech are different. To become a medical assistant you usually train underneath a physician's office or go to a community college or trade school program. Med tech can be short for either Medical Technician (community college or trade school), or Medical Technologists (four year college with degree, require additional training and have additional state and national tests and registries.) Medical assistants work in clinics, hospitals and nursing homes assisting nurses and doctors. Medical Tech's work in clinic, and hospital labs drawing blood, running and processing medical tests (CBC's, chemistry, blood banking, tissues, microbiology etc.) for doctors. All of these require both knowledge and practical skills learning, which cannot be taught online. Volunteer at a local hospital and you can get a first hand view of the different jobs.

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