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Whats the best mechanical enginering school in California? I am looking for a university, not trade school where i can earn my B.S. in Mechanical engineering. I am leaning towards Cal Poly SLO, but was wondering if anybody knew of any other schools with great engineering programs

SLO is pretty good, Pomona has a good one too but its in the middle of nowhere. UC davis, Berkely, and UCSB. I like UCSB material labratory they have there. haven't been to berkeley but i know a few mech majors that chose the school for its program.

I guess it all depends on what your doing with a mech degree. Davis has some cool projects with cars and gasses. UCSB is good with matrerials Berkeley, hell they have a lot of good crap i guess ( can't name anything off the top of my head)

and of course CalTech would have to be another elite school to consider. It is soo small though, good luck getting in there!

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