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Most a hvac compressor have a run capasitor that will put the needed mfd's and voltage to the start winding all the time to help the compressor run cooler. Like on a 3 ton hvac compressor you will have a run capasitor of about 35 mfd's and a voltage of 370 or 440 volts produced by the run capasitor to the start winding all the timer it is running. You will have 220 volts from the common to the run winding but you will have 370 volts or 440 volts to the start winding. It needs this higher voltage to help it run and cut down on the size of the motor that is inside the compressor shell. Without this higher voltage the 3 ton compressor would be twice as big as the ones you see now days. So on most all single phase 220 volt hvac compressor you will have 370 volts or 440 volts across the start winding all the time to help the compressor run better and cooler

If you went thru Trade School, you know as well as i do , that you too were once green and a beginner ; thats what Trade School is for....for beginners to learn techniques in the Trade from people who have had loads of field experience. The reason i didnt tell you about 'spp 8 and 9' is because i gave you the benefit of the doubt that you already knew of them ; however, it is clear that you did NOT know of manually Bump Starting a Compressor with a high mfd 300-360 mfd @330 v Capacitor to start and run terminals of the compressor itself., based on your initial response. Therefore, i was pleased that you got informed on a technique that you were not familiar with ...and, which can avoid you condemning a compressor until youve tried everything humanly possible to get it going again.

'The reason i can see what the instructor was saying and what your tring to explain to me is for I have teacher licence for Louisiana Voc Tech hvac Schools. It was a 1 year school set up for inmates at a state Prison in the Parish and nobody wanted the job for you had to deal with bad asses and also know the HVAC / R business to boot. I tought the course for 2 years till they found a instructor to take the job that knew what he was doing. I had a really good leed off hand that took care of my business while I was at the School. A good instructor is hard to find.

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