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Linn State Technical College

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I'm going to Linn State Technical College this fall, I'm majoring in Computer Programming. After that, I hope I get a job doing computer tech support, computer programming, or networking. Any of those options would make me happy(and seeing as how they are all in demand so much right now, I can have my pick).

Reminds me of the news this morning...a local high school had parents pure standing outside and not able to get in to see their kids graduate!! They are trying to find a way to make it up or something to do. School gave each graduate 4 tickets for people to go, limit b/c of fire codes. The people that got there first had copied and reproduced their tickets so more could come...when the others got there with 'real tickets' the building was full by the fire code numbers and they couldn't let them in!!! I would have just died!! 13 years putting our kids through school and then to have that happen!!!! I feel so bad for the people!!

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