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Licensed vocational nurse(LVN) is it worth it?

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Licensed vocational nurse(LVN) is it worth it?

i just got accpeted into college to start my prerequisits. i have always wanted to be a nurse . but i guess now that im accepted im a bit nervous. does anyone have any adivce for me. is it really as hard as they say?

Yes, it is hard, any good job in medicine is hard mentally and physically, and the real reward is not the pay but the feeling of helping people become healthy again, live their lives a bit better. While you are going through the prerequisites, do some self-analysis - can you envision yourself enjoying the work, also develop a strategy for your career growth. LVNs make good money and the future is pretty secure with the rapidly aging population in the US and western countries, but it is physically demanding and very focused on geriatrics, the disabled and the mentally challenged. you might want to plan to work a few years and move on to a RN program which will give more career flexibility (and a bit more pay) and maybe into a MSN - Nurse Practitioner or PA program - again take a 5-10 year outlook. Also you will find that the more you enjoy the work (clinical,practicum) the easier the studying gets

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