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Lanier Technical College

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That, according to computer experts, was a violation of the most basic of security precautions, opening all sorts of possibilities for the introduction of rogue or malicious code. At the same time, however, it gave campaigners a golden opportunity to circumvent Diebold's own secrecy demands and see exactly how the system worked. Roxanne Jekot, a computer programmer with 20 years' experience, and an occasional teacher at Lanier Technical College northeast of Atlanta, did a line-by-line review and found "enough to stand your hair on end".

This does not seem to be a high-profile issue yet, in spite of the horrible ramifications of the interconnection between "trade-secret" voting machine manufacturers and political connections.

Local election officials have to shun these machines unless they have absolute control over the process buried within them. It's amazing how easily these people are abdicating their responsibilities.

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