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Lakeshore Technical College

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We are happy to report that the three more medical transcription programs have been approved by the Approval Committee for Certificate Programs (ACCP), a joint committee established by AAMT and AHIMA for certifying and approving medical transcription education programs. We congratulate each of these schools for setting a standard of excellence in medical transcription education.

Lakeshore Technical College - Cleveland, WI Transcription Relief Services, LLC - Greensboro, NC United Tribes Technical College - Bismarck, ND

For information on the process of education approval and to submit an application, view the following page on the AAMT web site here."

I think it is great that some of the local schools are on there but then there is that one other one that rather bothers me, but definitely does not surprise me.

A long-time colleague of mine told me that she looked into the process of having a technical school's program approved by AAMT. Not only did the program have to meet the appropriate standards, BUT every instructor had to have the CMT credential. Although this woman had been a CMT for years and taught at a program that supplied their local area with well-trained MTs, she felt that this stipulation would keep most schools from qualifying, as there were probably limited situations where an entire program is taught totally by people holding the CMT credential. Part of a complete course could be taught by English majors, business majors, biology majors, etc. Not all segments of a course would need to be taught by an MT. Plus, we all know that there are wonderful educators who don't have their CMT.

Although the concept of AAMT certifying schools is a good idea, IMO, they found yet another way to benefit themselves and not entirely thinking of the MTs.

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