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Lake Washington Vocational

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By the way, I'm having fun in this class. It's at Lake Washington Technical College, and they have a pretty serious machining program there. Lots of students, two reasonably competent instructors, and lots of machines in decent shape. They're teaching me tool & cutter grinding and so far I've learned to sharpen the end teeth on end mills and how to sharpen the end flutes of chucking reamers. It's an evening program run 4 nights a week, with community college pricing. It's located in Kirkland, Washington which is convenient for me anyway!

For people who aren't nearby, let this one stand as an ongoing endorsement of vocational school shop classes!

Grant, now that is good information! I will try it --- next time. If only you could elucidate on a similar trick to remove broken taps!

BTW, speaking of center drills and cutter sharpening - have you ever tried re-pointing a dull center drill on an ordinary drill sharpening set up?

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