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Ladainian Tomlinson College Career

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Here's the situation now: White, Gay and Jackson. White belongs with his speed and instincts - he's cheap, too. Gay needs to earn his spot this year by not fumbling and more importantly maturing into a man - he could be a cut or he could be a savior - his progress will be a key because he is the only back we have that has the size to be an every down runner. a cut that needs to happen if Gay produces, otherwise Davis will be reminded 1 more year of his mistake. We actually could use a RB in the 1st round.

Most starting RBs in the NFL weigh under 215lbs coming in. Most starting RBs in the league currently weigh under 215lbs. This stuff about this back or that being too small is mostly bullshit. Strength, instinctiveness, and quickness all have more to do with being a successful, consistent NFL RB than size. Big backs that are supposed "to handle the NFL beating" usually burn out in just a couple of years. Natrone Means? Christian Okoye? Marion Butts? Those names ring any bells? Even the good power runners, like Larry Czonka and John Riggins, usually don't last long, and Earl Campbell, the best power RB ever IMO, had a short career by HOF RB standards. You want a quick list of current every down backs that weigh 215 or under? Here you go:

Shaun Alexander (coming into the league), Curtis Martin, Edgerin James, Jamal Lewis, Terrell Davis, LaDainian Tomlinson (though he's listed at 221 he's closer to 210), Priest Holmes, Emmitt Smith, Duce Staley, Michael Pittman, Ahman Green, Marshall Faulk, Garrison Hearst.

If you only want backs who weigh LESS than 215:

Curtis Martin, Edgerin James, Terrell Davis, LaDainian Tomlinson, Emmitt Smith, Marshall Faulk, and Garrison Hearst--all but 2 of those guys (James and Davis) went over 1,000 yards last year: James blew out his knee and Davis's old knee injuries bothered him all year. Seems like 215 isn't the magic number. I'd put it at closer to 200lbs.

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