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Kentucky Technical College

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My Expectations of any coach that coaches Kentucky is to win 27-30 games a year. Win the SEC regular seaon crown. Win the SEC tournament and play in the F4. I don't want you to think I'm satisfied with Tubby having a winning record. And to me if you don't play a quality team and win then its not a win.

Kenny Ray, I will say wining is a top achievment for our BBN Fans. The exception was when Pitino over-achieved with his early teams. Fans were willing to wait for the system, recruiting, because we were down but not out as the NCAA planned.

The entertainment was there in some of our losses, the entertainment was there when we beat the great LSU team with Shaq and Company(I was on a high along with fans at Rupp, Tennessee, California, Florida, Kentucky, Armed Services, Ohio and the whole of the Big Blue Nation Fans who are much larger than the fans who watch our Cats in Rupp.

Over-achieving, better recruiting, all for one and one for all, team play, great shooting, physical conditioning, fans causing our team to be better than they were though fan participation, were very visual all the way up to and including our 'Kentucky Dynasty Years'. The forumula for success was rewarding through the 8 years. Yes we finally became good enough to win most games, yes Kentucky Fans number one demand is win win win.

I have to say the total formula for total success is more than wining. I was taught to enjoy the total success formul beyond winning, and still expect it as a Kentucky Wildcat Basketball Team representing our Kentucky Standard of Excellence for which we are known, forever.

I miss that Kentucky Standard of Excellence with Tubby!

I read your posts and feel you are a rabit Kentucky Fan, and want what I want, basicly. And whatever few degrees we would disagree are minor difficulties. I agree to agree, I agree to disagree, and remain a Big Blue Nation Fan. Big Blue Nation Fans have at least on common denominator(in my book). We all love our Cats!

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