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I have made a big decision to change careers after being in the healthcare field for 10 years. I will spare you the details of why I am leaving healthcare. My "computer friends" have all encouraged me to go into the MCSE course because of my interest and aptitude for quickly learning computer applications. MCSE seems interesting to me and also a good opportunity for me to get into the computer field without having to quit work and go to school for 2 or more years. I have no networking experience at all but I am fascinated by how it all works. ( as far as I currently understand it) I am planning to take MCSE courses available at Keiser College in Melbourne, Fla.. I realize that there are alot of factors that determine who will do well and who will fail but I would love to hear anyone's opinion/advice on my situation especially from anyone who has made a 180 degree career change into computing/MCSE from another career field. Also, my short term goal is to pass the exams,of course. But, my main goal is to be an asset to any company willing to hire me after I finish the course.

Career changing at mid-life is scary as hell. Been there, done that. Expect a couple years of pain as you work yourself up to a network administration position. There are several things you can do to help:

1) start your own business at home and set up a network. Congratulations, you are now the network administrator of a small network; legit info to put on your resume.

2) set up a web site. Congratulations, you now know a little HTML .... (also goes on resume)

3) learn a specialized app, like Lotus Notes, Novell Groupwise, Linnux, ...

4) get dirty, real dirty, in terms of learning your way around computer hardware.

5) start attending IT job fairs, find out who the players are (temp companies) in your area.

6) understand you are probably going to take a BIG pay cut the first two years.

7) If you can teach, try and get a teaching job with New Horizons. They will (if you survive) bring you up through MCT and CNI tracks, plus think of all the apps you get to learn.

8) be prepared to feel uncomfortable. It will pass once you establish yourself.

9) make sure you get good tax advice, so that you can minimize your net educational outlay.

10) GOOD LUCK, and adopt the attitude of the BULL ELEPHANT - Nothing Get's In Your Way!

Success belongs to those who earn it. Do what you love and the money WILL follow!

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