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Jewish Vocational Service

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My brother is 21. He's developmentally disabled. He graduated high school three years ago and has done nothing but stay home and watch tv since then. Today, my mom announced that Monday she's going to call (somebody) and get him involved in a work training type program The shocker was that my dad supported her decision. I don't know why they didn't do this sooner, or why my dad was opposed to the idea for so long, but I'm really excited about it. My brother is finally going to learn to start taking care of himself. I hope he makes the adjustment ok. He's very addicted to television and very lazy. I won't even describe how completely his life revolves around the television. Needless to say, he will have to give up some of the programs he likes to watch. I'm so glad he'll finally start to experience life for himself I really hope my mom will follow through on her statement

I hope your mother follows through as well, and that your dad will continue to support her.

I regret very much your brother's personal problems. Sometimes the best way to be kind to a person with the habits your brother has fallen into, is to kick him or her in the ass and make them go out and work at places that offer jobs and dignity to people who are developmentally disabled.

Where I work, we have guys who are under the auspices of the Jewish Vocational Service doing work like sweeping the floors and cleaning out the rest rooms. Some of those guys aren't bad to have around. They do a good job, and I and my fellow engineers and secretaries sometimes engage in banter with them.

If there is an organization like the Jewish Vocational Service in your area, I hope they can help your brother.

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