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This was at the MTV site:

Season 6: Boston

ELKA is spending the summer at home in Brownsville, Texas. In the fall, she will return to the University of Las Vegas, where she is studying Communications. She is still dating Walter.

SEAN is studying law at William Mitchell College of Law, in St. Paul. He continues to tour as a nationally ranked Lumberjack champion in exhibitions around the world. Sean and Rachel, of THE REAL WORLD - SAN FRANCISCO, are still dating and striving to maintain their long-distance love affair after traveling together on the recently aired ROAD RULES ALL-STARS SPECIAL.

GENESIS is living in Orlando, Florida and pursuing a career in the health and fitness industry. She is extremely sought-after on the college lecture circuit. She is dating casually, but is not seriously involved with anyone.

SYRUS is living in Santa Monica, California and is managing an adult basketball league. He is no longer dating Jennifer and is single.

KAMEELAH is in her junior year at Stanford, where she is majoring in human biology and pre-med. She explains that she is working too hard to date anyone.

MONTANA is living in New Jersey, studying archeology at Hunter College, and doing temp work at MTV. She is no longer dating Vaj and is currently single.

JASON is currently working as a casting assistant in the offices of Bunim-Murray Productions. He has been living in San Francisco, but is contemplating a move to Los Angeles. He continues to write and produce his 'zine, Nora's Purge, and often performs public readings of his work. He and Timber are still dating -- but the relationship is rocky.

I don't know about you guys, but I'm pretty shocked that Sean and Rachel are actually trying to make a go of it as a couple....

Somebody with a computer typed that per the MTV site:

Can you imagine her as a speaker. Doling out self-indulgent Genesisims. Gag.

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