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Horry Georgetown Technical College

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Our college (Horry-Georgetown Technical College) is trying to print labels through ALL-IN-1 to a print queue. The printer is a LP25 line printer. However, when we do this one label is printed, ten labels are skipped, then the next one is printed. It appears that the form ALL-IN-1 uses for print queues (OA$HLS_80) is causing this because it is defined as having a form length of 66. Has anyone been able to work around this?

The form, as defined by ALLIN1, should be 66X80 with a 6 line margin at the bottom. Are the labels created in a word processor? Have you tried stopping the print queue and viewing the printfile after it has been processed by the word processor's formatting queue? Are ten labels really skipped or is the the second one on page two, third on page three... If so then I'd suspect that you may have a formfeed problem in your labels file. Anyway, check the output of the formatter queue first. What does your page look like? Is it what you expect (a page is either the the 60 printable lines of the form or the lines between formfeeds).

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