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HIGH SCHOOL "HIGH TECH HIGH school"? high tech high school what do you need to get in to high tech high i am a a-b-ctudent and i really whant to get in im only in 6th grade going to 7th but what can i do now to help get in i am a-b-c student because i just get bored can you help me with that to but can u give me a list or somthing too to help me get into hightech i no that i might not be a great student but teach me the work i will have the sam grades or higher i dont get lower o my report card the a c and i dont even no if i have ever gotten a c that is and 70 - 80 right well i might not have on my report card so what can help me get into hightech HELP ME THANKS

call them up..i know a friend that filled an application ... but not sure if she got in..ask for an applicationa nd interview..or campus visit

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