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In my neighborhood there are only trade high schools, i need help? In my neighborhood there are 2 high schools and a private school. Both of the public high schools are all trade. I am not allowed to go to the private school. If you would please look at the curriculum, will you give me some advice on what to take and such? I decided maybe english, mathematics, humanities, and science. Then maybe art, drama, and hairstyling for some more things to look at on my resume. I really want to study journalism at carleton. So please take a look at the courses and give me some suggestions

Well I think your academic studies seem good, although if you want to be a journalist then you might want something other that hairstyling, as i cant see how that would help. Instead I suggest a history class as that is always vital to be able to compare and relate to current issues. Also join a debate club and try finding things that deal with creative writing and politics.

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