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High School Musical Scott Trade

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"High School Musical" audition? I'm going out for the part of Gabriel in the musical "High School Musical" at my school. Any idea's for what song I should sing? I'm an alto.

Do NOT SING: Any rodgers and hammerstien Phantom disney Les Mis Rent Wicked Pop music Anything you know of now......

How did they get the rights? Its probably an illegal production *grumbles* Look into these musicals Songs for a new world Damn Yankees

Try to stick within your age range. Show of YOU at the audition, then *When * you get the part, you can be her. The director wants to see what you can do PERIOD, not "How you can do gabriel".

Smile, wear your theatre blacks, sgtretch, and bring in a resume and headshot. YES, even from a school play. The director will go "WOAH" I promise

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