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im 19 and am looking for ideas for career colleges or tech schools? I was going to community college for a while. Mostly because my parents wanted me too.

School has never been for me. I am an intelligent person. I have and use common sense and generally show more overall brain power then the average.

However my teachers and I agree, although I am intelligent It has ultimately led to me rebelling against the school system because I know its just a BS business running backed by the government. "Scientific Control of the population"

Anyways I, skipping the general ed and BS, would still like to acquire a skill for a decent career. Can anyone suggest a school or idea for me? I am in norther California just south of Sacramento and have interest in computers tech, Graphic design and would like to get into video game development.

Please any help would be appreciated.

try ITT Tech or the art institute. they both offer what your interested in. Try going to those businesses you would be interested in ending up at. (Apple, IBM, whatever company that makes the video games, can't think of one right now) Since summer is coming up they may have some summer intern spots opening up. You may have to do some gopher work or some muscle work toting stuff for those already in those positions, but it gets you in there and talking to those people and they will tell you what you need to do to get there. A lot of getting the right job is WHO you know

This site has a couple of schools that you can request info from.


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