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NEI School of Elec's???

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I'm contemplating a career change. Would like to learn electronics. Does anybody know anything about the NEI School of Electronics in Minneapolis, MN?

Any good/bad comments about them or the marketability of their graduates?

They offer a 2 yr program in "Computer Systems" that appears to be mostly hardware oriented. Is this a good field to get into?

I looked into NEI several years back, and found them to be twice as expenxive as Anoka Technical College. I later completd a two year program at Anoka Tech. That was back when they had a decent program. I have since then taken a few evening classes at North Hennipen Tech for a refressher in MicroProcessors, and was not very imporessed. Still looking for a good class for this.

I think you have the right idea. Know several people that I work with that went to NEI and were pleased. Also is a good feild to get into. The only regret that I have is not taking a 4-year course

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