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University vs Trade School .. HELP? So I am applying to college this september and I wanted to know which is better: a university .. or a trade school? I want to go for Business Management/Administration.

I heard the first 2 years of college is just really like high school and you take math, history, science and all that. Is that true? and why do they make you take basic classes before taking classes that help you be what you want to be?

Would I be better of finding a really good Business School instead? I like hands on experience. I really have had enough of the whole english, math, science, history thing lol

Are there any good Business Schools in NC or PA or even CA? or if you recommend a University, which has the best Business program.

The first year is like high school, only you are doing things that are ten times harder and marked even harder than that. First year is a wake up call as to how relaxed high school was.

It looks like you are fairly educated and want a position above junior (fill in the blank) or entry level something. The reality is, if you want a high paying business job, you have to go for an MBA. However, some universities offer BBAs, which are essentially the same thing. One thing you'll find in the real world, however, is that everyone who's working above you will have an MBA, and that's a little piece of paper that will be holding you back. Find a way to get it cheaply and you'll be making above that 40K cut off point for BAs. (The top bosses usually have MBAs or PHDs, multiple certificates from other management schools and an insane work ethic). Wishing you all the best!

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