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Black people's hair styled in (dred) locks and careers... Replies from educated professionals please...? How would you feel if a black woman wore her hair in 'locks' (dred locks) that were neat? Would you feel that it detracted from her professional appearance? Is this type of style appropriate for a doctor (in training)? Please be honest (but kind) as I am contemplating making a major change with my hair.

This is one of the most honest questions I have come across so I am going to answer it this way.

Most people are really interested in who you are, not your hair. It isn't the most people you need to be concerned about it is the few.

I work for an internet company, it is a young industry and so the rules are a lot less rigid. We have people with tattoos everywhere to the most conservative looking and everything in between.

for older industries or positions where you come into contact with people you need to understand the mindset that goes along with it. I can only talk about my industry.

Competence is really valued by most. The very best in any field can get away with anything (just look at Dennis Rodman) But the rest of us need to work hard to get noticed. And that's where your decision needs to come from.

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