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Griffin Technical College

Get the Surgical Tech Success Handbook and get in the high-paying medical industry!

I would also look at the numbers if you got a hotel room near a less expensive school. In general the cheaper schools (state sponsored) cost a lot less but take longer to complete. I believe most state schools take nearly a semester to complete. The for-profit schools often take 3 weeks. But until you run the numbers you won't know which approach is less expensive. If I were in your shoes, I would call up Schneider and some other big national trucking companies besides Swift, and ask them if you qualify for employment. Lie and tell them you just got your CDL and give them the details of your DUI. It would really suck to spend $4000 and not be able to work for anyone but the really bad companies. Don't spend any money until you settle this DUI question. And get an answer not from some know-it-all truck driver on the internet, or some "we'll-hire-anyone recruiter", I would talk to a real Personnel Dept. or Human Resource employee for a trucking company. The answer that counts is from the people that make the decision. It would be better to spend a $100 in long distance phone calls, if it took that much, rather than $4,000 to find out good companies won't hire you.

Hubby's tuition at Griffin Technical College in Georgia was close to $1900, paid for by the Georgia Lottery HOPE grant, which is wonderful. The class is between 6 and 10 weeks long... you take the driving test when the instructors think you are ready to be cut loose. They have a class B course also that is a bit cheaper.

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