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Greenville Technical College

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Inasmuch that a 'student' user of our computer system has chosen to use language of an inappropriate nature to express himself to others in this Newsgroup, I feel it necessary to issue to the readers of this group and to the staff of the Intel Corporation a note of apology for this obvious display of childish and unprofessional behavior.

The particular user in question made derisive comments to the general readership of this group and directly to employees of Intel. To all of you that read the posting, I offer my apologies to you on behalf of myself and our educational institution. I assure all of you that this type of behavior is not representative of the general population of the student body on our campus and is an open display on one 'student' who has neither the wherewithal or ability to express himself in any other manner. This particular user will be repremanded for this act (as it is against the usage policies of our computer system) and will be removed from all access to our computer systems.

Again, my apologies to all of you.

Incidentally, Greenville Technical College is a very heavy user of the INTEL product line and are overall quite pleased with both the performance and reliability of their communucations equipment and other products.

Now this is refreshing. It is nice to see that there are those who appreciate good manners on the net, and are aware of the internet community in this fashion.

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