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Here's a fabulous little trainwreck: 20-year-old man knocks up three different teenage girls, keeps going in and out of prison, and finally gets sentenced to 17 years. But it's not faaaaair. Because he's a daddeeeee....

And I love the teen moo who dropped out of college and is now having her entire family supported by Grandmoo, who makes $6.75/hour.

Three children, three teen moms, 17 years in prison

RACINE -- Germaine M. Taylor is 20 years old. He has three children, by three different young women, over the last three years. He's in prison for the next 17 years.

Kristina, the mother of his first child, was just 14 when she became pregnant by Taylor.

Beckie Knecht was 17 when she had Taylor's second baby.

S.R., who asked that her name not be used, was 15 when she got pregnant.

All three were under the legal age of consent for sex. That's why Taylor is in prison.

But is he in prison for too long?

Taylor's family, and the families of the young women whose children he has fathered, say yes. What Taylor did was wrong, they admit. He should have known better. He maybe even deserved some time in prison to teach him a lesson. But not 17 years.

"I could understand him doing some time, but not that much time for that type of thing," said his mother, Abra Holliman. "I'm not going to say 'My son was a good father, he didn't deserve to do no time.' No. He deserved to do some time. But not no (17) years."

"I think that was pretty harsh," said Vickie, Kristina's mother. "I see in the paper every day that there are people getting far less for far worse every day. I don't know if the sentence fit the crime."

Judges, prosecutors and Taylor's probation agents all decided the sentence did fit the crime. Taylor repeatedly had sex with girls too young to legally consent to have sex and fathered children he couldn't support. He did it even when the terms of his probation told him not to. And if he's not put in prison, the court officials reasoned, he'll keep doing it.

"I want you out of this community," Judge Allan Torhorst said when he sentenced Taylor on April 29. "I want you to understand that this type of crime, as I've indicated, is one of the most serious short of homicide, batteries or something where you beat somebody up.

"I view this as a crime where confinement is necessary to protect the public."

Torhorst sentenced Taylor to 12 years in prison for a felony charge of second-degree sexual assault of a child. That sentence is to run back-to-back with a five-year sentence Judge Emily Mueller gave him when she revoked his probation.

Taylor had been on probation for getting Kristina pregnant. He violated that probation, at least in part, by fathering a child with Knecht.

Deputy District Attorney Mike Nieskes said Taylor's sentence was just, because it wasn't handed down all at once; it wasn't the product of a single judge. Three judges contributed.

First, an administrative law judge had to rule that Taylor had broken his probation. Then Mueller sentenced him for breaking probation. Then Torhorst sentenced him for the sexual assault charge.

Taylor had been given a second chance to straighten up after he was charged for having sex with Kristina, Nieskes said. He blew it. He even had a third chance. He blew that, too.

"This is a young man sowing his oats where the community has said you're not allowed," Nieskes said. "He's a young man who is not supporting these children, a young man who is not stepping forward to take responsibility.

"In some sense, he's a sexual predator."

Torhorst said Taylor's actions created havoc in the lives of the girls and their families. He said Taylor just didn't get it.

Vickie raises Kristina's and Taylor's son. She didn't want to use her last name, or the boy's first name, in the story. The boy is 3.

Kristina left school while she was pregnant, but Vickie doesn't know if it's because she was pregnant. She's trying to earn a GED.

Vickie is a single parent, raising two grandchildren. Taylor didn't show up a lot to see his son, but he did show up a couple of times, she said. He paid child support in the beginning, but quit. Vickie thinks it's because he didn't have a job.

Taylor had just started to pay child support again when he was put in jail for breaking probation. It wasn't a lot of money, but it helped buy a lot of diapers, Vickie said. But the checks stopped coming when he went to jail, and they won't start as long as he's in prison.

Knecht lives in a house owned by her father, with her son, Germaine Jr., and a roommate. She doesn't have to pay rent. She graduated from high school last year and is about to start her second semester at Gateway Technical College, studying for a nursing license.

Knecht and Taylor had been dating off and on for 3 1/2 years, until he went to jail last year after violating his probation. The Taylor that Torhorst described did not sound like the Taylor she knew.

Taylor was with her when she gave birth to their son. He watched Germaine Jr. while Knecht went to school for the day. He sometimes took them shopping, buying clothes for Germaine Jr. He gave her some money, once in a while, when he had it.

Since having her baby, named Alyssa, S.R., now 17, has quit going to school. She lives with her mom, Corinne, who supports four people on the $6.75 per hour she earns at her third-shift job. S.R. doesn't work. She can't find a job because she hasn't finished school.

Corinne also gets child support for S.R. and another child. But it's hard to make ends meet.

S.R. said Taylor hasn't helped in the care and raising of Alyssa. He was in jail when she was born. He'll be in prison until Alyssa is 17.

When Taylor does get out of prison, he'll be 37 years old. His other children will be 20 and 18, and will likely have no firsthand memories of Taylor that don't take place inside a prison visiting room.

"He should be able to help us out here; he shouldn't be locked up for so long," Beckie Knecht said. "It's not doing us any good, it's not doing the kids any good."

How fucking brain-dead can these breeders be? The impression I got of this loser is that the only thing he's doing is hanging around the high schools looking for another young teenager to fuck. It doesn't sound like he's doing anything to support the kids he already has and has no intention of doing so.

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