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Teaching - A Good Career? Florida?

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I am going to college, and considering becoming an elementary teacher. I have my foot in the door in business right now and was told I had a future there but I think I would like teaching better...

What are the Pro's & Con's to teaching? Is the pay really that bad? ( I saw FL avg w/4 yr was 38,900) Do they take the benefits out of the salary or add after? What are the benefits like, during work and after retirement?

So many questions I know, Thank you for your time!! I dont know any Florida teachers.

go to the state's website and look at the pay scale, thats an average, not the beginning salary. i believe coming out of college in florida, as i applied to about 30 schools and most of them were between 28k and 32k depending on where the school was. Its tough long hours, kids that talk back, no support from parents or communities.

But that one kid that gets it and connects or learns that one thing..... makes it alllllll worth it

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