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I am in school now (well college i guess? A trade school) at Computer Learning Center taking an Information Tech course. a nice little 10 month course-set that will guarentee me a job with a salary in the $25,000 a year range. Whoop-de-fucking-doo. In five years that will be considered LOW lower class, just above mr "Hey can you spare some change" on the street corner. I mean, my folks make a decent amount (just into the 6 figure lot... and I mean JUST.. maybe $120thou a year?) so we're comfortable... but I mean CMON.. in five years, they'll be struggling again. What is society coming to when all that seems to matter is the amount of money you have. Even in DATING it comes down to money. Me, I'm perfectly happy going to a mall and walking around window-shopping with a lady.. Maybe getting a bite to eat, or even catching a movie shoud the notion strike us. Maybe even getting some small something (CD, video, trinket, whatever)... I don't even mind waiting while she tries on clothes, and giving my opinion. Hell, I ENJOY it. But that doesn't matter... Simple, little, happy just spending time together me doesn't matter. It's all about money. Gotta have the money if ya wanna get the honey(s). I mean, take this example.... I used to drive a 1987 Jeep Cherokee 4wd. Its drivers seat was blue cloth and vinyl.. the rest of the interior black (it had been replaced), the car was in need of a paint job (well hell, 10 yrs old.. of course it was), and it didn't run the best. I rarely got noticed by women, ESPECIALLY if they saw my car. Now I drive a 1993 Cadillac Eldorado (Its a luxury sports car for those of you wondering) with a blue ragtop (not convertible, just cloth top) and blue leather interior. It has a dent in the left front fender because I stupidly hit a pole once (not a bad dent). I get more looks and more notice and conversation from women now than I did with the jeep. And NOTHING ELSE HAS CHANGED!!!! Once I got out of my car and there was a girl who was walking up the parking lot (at the mall incidentally) who started a conversation with somehting like "nice car" (I don't remeber now.. I didnt care at the time either) and quickly tried to delve in to what I did for a living, where i lived, what i made at my job, etc.. etc.. and finally whether i was single. When she found out I am still living at home with my folks until im through with school, I work for a night club doing telephone work, and I make $6.00 an hour, 30 hours a week, she lost interest. Same for almost every other woman that startes talking with me. And most of the time ill be out at a club (I sing, and I go clubbing a lot) and I'll have all the money that i just got paid with me, and ill pull it out to get the proper amount to pay for my drink, and some woman will evidentally see it, and come up, and start hitting on me. Once she finds out that what I really had was a lot of $5 and $10 and $1 bills instead of a bunch of $20 and $100 and $50 bills, and that i dont have a really awesome job, she walks away. And money counts so many other places nowadays to. I mean.. here's my average daily cost of things from monrning to night. Breakfast - Dont eat it. 20oz dr pepper on the way to school - $0.89 pack of marlboro menthol lights - $2.30 lunch - $5.00 (thiso n the low end) 1-liter diet pepsi for work - $1.25 Gas (I fill up about twice a week maybe less.. well break it down by days) - $4.00 TOTAL: - $12.44 Thats $12.00 per DAY!!! I mena CMON!!!! thats REDICULOUS!!! it shouldnt be over seven or eight dollars a day. (All amounts in U.S. Dollars). And what about jobs these days.. I hae qualifications.. 4 years in retail sales... Imepccable record, EXCELLENT customer service skills, ability to maintain astrong customer base.. .and yet I can't find a frigging job other than tell people they can come get drunk for free. (I mean, I like my job.. its halfway decent money, and a decent job, and good people... but I dont enjoy it as much as if i was doing retail sales). well.. its midnight now ,and ih ave ot get up at 5:30am (05:30hrs) to get to school on time tomorrow. WHY CAN'T THERE BE MORE HOURS IN THE DAY?!

i thought that was something familiar... so i was right, means my memory is not totally gone... many of them should still be around, considering nothing really changes here. ofcourse it's all about money, everything is. and it will be even more about money in the future. right, but a jeep is "a tool", unless ofcourse, equiped with weird things. now, a question. would you like to have anyone who's only/mostly with you just coz of the money? i wouldnt. and what other way could you find out the truth...

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