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Edison Tech High School

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Although I have heard of it in the past, I tend to (now and again) forget things. There is an article in the local paper about a Gig harbor gal who has won appointment to the "Aviation High School" located in South Seattle. My question is this: Many years ago, one could take a run-out engine to the Edison Technical school (for aero mechanics) in Seattle and, for the cost of parts, they would rebuild it as a class project. Do you know if the above titled school does the same? I would suppose not, in our lawsuit-ridden age.

Don't know about Seattle but I am pretty sure that you could get the job done at H.H. Ellis Technical High School in Danielson, CT.

The person you want to contact is Charlie Hilton, deparment head of the Aviation School at Ellis Tech. His email is (I think)

We are a few weeks from the end of this school year so it would have to be a next year project.

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