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Eastern Idaho Technical College

Get the Surgical Tech Success Handbook and get in the high-paying medical industry!

I am 20 years old and I live in Cambridge, in the UK, I work for the Non food department of a major supermaket chain *Tesco) and that involves mostly wokring with electrical items and other silly little inedible objects , interests.. well... Lion king (well thats blatent!) Big cats, Furry, and plushies, yep! i am pretty boring

i have two lion king domain names that i will do something with when i get the time! they are and

they WILL have something promise

and have a huge lion plushie collection , one day ill have a large adult simba plushie, thats my dream..

My real name is Ryan Lewis. I live in the USA in the state of Idaho in a town called Idaho Falls. It is a nice little town tucked in a valley in between some mountains. Lived here all 21 years of my life, and hope to move somewhere else some time in the future! I am on my second year of getting a Associate's Degree as an Office Administrator at Eastern Idaho Technical College located here in Idaho Falls. I already told you guys my hobbies, which includes collecting action figures, big cats stuff, and video games, but I am also a big computer geek that likes to write e-mails, surf the web, and chat with his buddies on AIM! Well, that's my biography for you! How about giving us YOURS?

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