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I am a college student and am in a really confused state. I initially went to school to for medicine. I am in the pre-med program and I am definately not enjoying it. I have come to realize the faults of american medicine and how impersonal and prescribed it is. Oh if you feel this way or have this condition, take this pill and it will solve everything. I suppose i fit the more eastern medicine/homeopathic mindset in that we are not machines. We are amazing beings that should be treated with more respect than a machine. I do well enough in school but I am about to get failed out of chemistry because i dont have a C or better. This puts me in the spot of even bothering to continue with my prior studies or find some other career to get education for. I just don't know what I want to do anymore. I know I am the one who has to find my own answers, but is there anyone else out there sharing these feelings? What did or do you do to get through?

I know how you feel. I'm pretty much in that situation now, you can look at my current questions if you wish.

You need to speak to your college's counseling center. I don't know if you have done that already, but it's worth a shot to take the Myers Briggs personality test and have it analyzed. Your school should be able to set up a personal appointment somehow.

remember that whatever you do , you must do it with honesty. That means no cheating, no doing it for cash, no doing it for the reputatoin. that means passion

"what color is your parachute"- richard bolles.

it's a career and self -actualization guide.

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