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Department Of Vocational Rehabilitation

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I've only found two programs online that look like they could help me out in my situation. Their are two stare run groups for disabled people. The department of vocational rehabilitation, and the metropolitan housing authority. Trouble is that it has been really hard to work with them in the past. I don't have a car for one, and they aren't very helpful on the phone. I need to try to find a way to get into these programs. I would be much happier if I had a job, or had a place to live on my own. My mom doesn't help me with stuff like this, she is far too busy to take me to job interviews or to appointments with groups like this. I'm thinking of my future though, and I need some way to sustain even the simplest of survival. My doctor told me that the only programs she could help me with involved assisted care. So I don't know how I'm going to go about finding a solution.

If your doctor thinks assisted care is best for you then you should listen to them. Talk to the case manager at your clinic and they will not only set this up for you but listen to your needs. Your mom doesn't have to drive you, they have buses in yellow springs don't they???? (if your allowed to do so)

I seriously doubt you read anything of anyone posts, if you do, listen to the above advice and QUIT posting to alt.magic unless it is magic related. David Copperfield's invisible ducks don't count either.

Please talk to Ray's friend Slyvia, you guys are a lot a like and i'm sure you guys would be a great couple.

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