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October this year we shall be spending a week in the New England area to see the fall. We shall be going to the White Mountains, Green Mountain Forest and other areas such as the coast line just above Boston.

We might expect the areas to be crowded. The questions we have are :-

Will it be notably crowded on the roads, not something we are used to in America?

Will it be difficult to find places to stay on an ad-hock basis?

Just came back from visiting Halifax. Lived there for 5 years eons ago. Went to Dalhousie and then to NS Technical College. Am in Mass but only 30 min south of NH along Rt 95. As far as the leaves---I now use a lawn tractor to round them up and by time I get through beating them up there is a long row of chopped up/shredded leaves that takes a short time to clean up. Have to do it about three times though but it sure beats days and days and days of raking.

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