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Ohio School Computer Tech Accused of Trying to Buy Children for Sexual Torture?

An Ohio school computer technician with two stepchildren and a backyard swimming pool has been accused of trying to hire a woman in Miami to let him nearly drown her two daughters for his sexual pleasure.

See link -,2933,2912...

What are your thoughts ?

All of them should be locked up for not just pedophilia but for slave trafficking. There is a lot of it going on and has been for quite some time in the USA and they get away with it. Why? check to see who has accepted money from Nambla in your legislatures, courts and attorneys. They have a network, the ACLU and lots of money. Americans need to start making them accountable and maybe see if the Death Penalty is applicable. There is no cure for pedophiles and rapists, it is not just sex it's about power and violence!

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