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Counselling Skills for Human Services certificate................. ideas?

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I have this certificate (I live in Ontario) and I have not been able to find any jobs that only require this specific certificate. For example, if I apply at a group home, schools or shelters, I get told that I need my Social Worker diploma or CYW diploma or so forth. It's not like I am applying to be a social worker or anything but it seems like now to get a job in the community services field you have to have a specialized diploma. I am starting to wonder why colleges even offer this program if no one hires ppl with the cert. Does anyone have any idea what jobs I do qualify for or was this a wasted certificate for me?

In your interviews, advise that you are continuing your studies part time and upgrading your qualification to the one they want. Also, you should be able to cross credit a lot of your papers ie you will not have to complete a whole new qualification, as the certificate you have should earn you substantial credit towards the new one.

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